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Celtic & Core Shamanism Trainings 2018
The Wild Hunt
Celtic Psychopomp Ceremony
Dates:       Friday,  - Sunday, October 19 - 21
Location:  Heart Path Studio, Athens, GA
Tuition:     $250

In Celtic tradition, Samhain (pronounced "Sowen") is a time when the veils between the worlds are thin, when wayward spirits of the dead seek resolution, and when the forces of chaos challenge our determination to survive and flourish. The season of Samhain calls on the seeker to make a stand for life to take them through the hardships of Winter, and to engage in ceremony dedicated to assisting our dead in finding their way.

Join us for a long weekend exploration of the rich traditions of Celtic lore, and the powerful ceremony surrounding the special magic of late Autumn and early Winter. We will experience the multi-faceted approach to Celtic psychopomp work, and learn how to engage with the diverse spirits whose specific roles contribute to the fabric of the Wild Hunt ceremony.

Employing the tools of the spiritual warrior, through ritual battle, we will engage with the wild forces of the Fall, while tending to the spirits of the dead who are seeking to transition to the next phase in their own journeys.

Please note:
This is advanced work that can be particularly triggering. The requirements for participation in this advanced shamanic training include:
  • solid journey skills and strong relationships with your helping spirits
  • a strong commitment to personal accountability, and a willingness to promptly and directly address personal and energetic issues that may arise during your experience in this training. Guidance will be given at the beginning of this training.
  • the willingness and awareness to perform personal energetic housekeeping as needed. Guidance will also be given.
To apply for participation in this training, please email me the following info to :
  • Your name, email address, phone number
  • A brief description of your experience with shamanic journeying, including specifics regarding your training history
  • The answer to the question below:
    • Please describe at least one experience you have had of feeling somehow compromised personally or energetically in an interpersonal situation, what actions you took to deal with the situation, and what you may have done differently at this point in your life.
To Bring includes:
  • Ceremonial regalia / mask for Saturday eve ceremony.
    • This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, but it is important for the ceremony
  • One small stone
  • One larger stone that can fit in one hand
  • A branch about the length of your arm
  • Fri, Oct 19.    2pm – 5pm  & 7pm – 9pm
  • Sat, Oct 20,   9:30 – 3pm   & 7pm - end
  • Sun, Oct 21,  10 - 12:30 
This training is designed for participants who are experienced with shamanic journeying, and allied with their compassionate helping spirits, and is not intended as a vehicle for participant's own healing.

Space is limited. Please email Gail to apply:


An Cailleach Bherra: The Bone Mother


In this Fall season, we may be drawn into deep relationship with the Bone Mother, known also as an Cailleach Bherra, the beloved and fierce protector of the wild and natural resources of this world.

Her tender loving kindness is unsurpassable, unless you are an usurper, a force of destruction upon our precious natural worlds. In which case,  the power of her wrath will be felt. She is a formidable protector of the innocence of nature and the pure of heart.

All my love to you, sweet Bone Mother!

Please see this beautiful video for a glimpse into the heart of an Cailleach Bherra:

About Gail Gulick

brings to her shamanic teaching and healing work her lifelong experience with the mystical aspects of non-ordinary reality, and a joyful commitment to helping  others lovingly embrace all aspects of their human nature.
Gail is also a spirit mask and rattle maker and graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s teacher training and Tom Cowan’s training in Celtic shamanism. She has also studied with Nan Moss, David Corbin, Sandra Harner, Betsy Bergstrom, Hank Wesselman, among other gifted teachers of the shamanic way. Gail lives with her family in Asheville, NC.
Shamanic Journey Circle

Dates:                            Wednesdays - 6:30 - 9pm
Location:                       Asheville, NC
Suggested Donation:   $10 - $25

On the first Wednesday of every month
we open our circle of experienced journeyers to welcome beginners for an evening of introduction to shamanic journey work. In these intro circles we focus on Lower World snd Upper World Journeying skills, and on building relationships with our Power Animals and Spirit Teachers. All levels of journeyers are welcome in the Intro Circles.

Journeyers with experience in Upper and Lower World Journeying via the drum are welcome to join us for experienced circles on the remaining Wednesday eves in the month.

The shamanic journey circle is a wonderful resource for practicing shamanic journey skills. In a circle, individuals trained in the journey process come together to practice in a dedicated environment where one can strengthen their relationships with their Helping Spirits, access spiritual resources for personal healing, and build community with others who love to journey.

This circle uses live drumming as the vehicle for journeying, as in the work of Core Shamanism, as taught by Michael Harner, or by Sandra Ingerman. Our approach is to honor the ability of the individual to find guidance and aid through accessing their own Compassionate Helping Spirits.

email Gail for information:

The greatest gift we can give another is to recognize their own brilliance, their own soulful heart, and their own earnest desire to love and be loved.

"And so I urge you, go after experience rather than knowledge. On account of pride, knowledge may often deceive you, but this gentle, loving affection will not deceive you. Knowledge tends to breed conceit, but love builds. Knowledge is full of labor, but love, full of rest."                                       

Author: Unknown 14th Century Mystic
From The Book of Privy Counseling by William Johnston
Copyright © 2018 Gail Gulick, All rights reserved.

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