Introduction to Journeying Workshop

Shamanic journeying is a process for accessing information that is not necessarily available in Ordinary Reality through a process of Direct Revellation. We honor the ability of each individual to access their Compassionate Helping Spirits to find guidance and aid, and to enrich the quality of their lives.

In this introductory workshop, we will learn to journey into the World of Spirit and begin to build relationships with our Compassionate Helping Spirits for personal exploration, spiritual guidance, and community. Working with the sonic driven approach to journeying, our work will include the creation of Sacred Space, Lower World and Upper World journeys, and exploring Middle World protection.

This class provides beginning skills for further work in Shamanic trainings, Journey Circles, and other work offered by this instructor.

Soul Retrieval Workshop

In this two-weekend residential training, participants will experience techniques for soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, diagnostics, soul remembering, and retrievals for specific body parts.

Participants will experience both giving and receiving soul retrieval.

Topics will include: