Shamanic Community

Shamanic Community creates a forum for growth and for learning, for healing and for helping, and for coming together and for sharing.

The role of the Shaman traditionally included performing ritual to honor all of life's events. Ceremonies to help communities to acknowledge birth and death, coming of age, and other important life events all fell under the Shaman's auspices, as facilitator. Today, in our fast-paced world, the tool of ceremony for your community can be most helpful in integrating the auspicious events of our lives.

Coming together in Shamanic Journey Circle provides a resource for self-discovery and for accessing information that impacts the community, all facilitated in a supportive community setting.

In times to come it may well be the Shamanic Community that informs us, and leads us into new ways of being in our world. As we seek inner balance, balance within our communities, and balance with the forces of nature, the Shamaic Community holds space as a guiding force for development of the individual, community, and beyond.