The Healing Power of The Mask

The Dreamtime Spirit Masks are a provocative group of healing masks endowed with the ability to interact with their viewers in ways that can awaken senses that are primordial and universal in nature.

Each mask forms a portal into a unique perceptual space, and invites the viewer to step through to perceive aspects of themselves that are not ordinarily visible in the ordinary realms. As such, the viewer can become deeply engaged in the experience, and come away with a profound sense of recognition and knowing about themselves. The nature of these Masks is to reveal aspects of The Self that may have long lain dormant or unspoken and that often dwell beyond the realm of words. They boldly step through the veil of taboo, seeking to generate a greater range of self-awareness and self-acceptance in the human heart.

The Dreamtime Spirit Masks appear at a time when we are deeply concerned with the pursuit of the light. This preoccupation may cause us to neglect the wisdom that can be found in the more mysterious aspects of ourselves. When we have not fully embraced the depths of our own natures, great effort can be required to keep aspects beneath the surface of our awareness. When we judge some parts to be less desirable than others, and attempt to cast them out, great violence against The Self can occur.

The Healing Mask's message is to remember The Self, with all of its faces, and to honor, respect, and embrace all of these parts. It is in these aspects that the seed of compassion is waiting to work its remarkable magic in our lives.

There is much to be gained by those who have the courage to walk this way. We invite you to join us in our journey.