Handcrafted Spirit Rattles - one of a kind

Beautiful little elemental spirits for ceremony or enjoyment

Each beautiful Spirit Rattle is handcrafted and has an appearance, presence and magic all it's own. All are perfect for use in rituals or as an essential presence for your altar.

There are two designs of rattles available. One includes a body / holder, in which the rattle can be kept when not in use. This series of rattles has a full-bodied doll-like appearance while the rattle remains in its holder.

The other design does not include a holder. All of the rattles themselves resemble those depicted without the holders. Please see the Rattle Gallery to view the distinction between the two designs.

Please note that these rattles are not waterproof and are not suitable for use in sweat lodges or very wet or hot conditions, nor are they intended for use by children.

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The Gallery of Rattles
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For a catalog of available rattles, or to view by appointment, please email Gail at info@dreamtimejourneys.net.