Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a Spiritual form of healing that addresses the Spiritual causes of illness. In the Shamanic perspective the causes of illness can include loss of Soul Essence or loss of Power through physical or emotional trauma, or energy blocks or intrusions that have occurred due to loss of Soul Essence or Personal Power.

The role of the Shamanic Practitioner is to return the Soul Parts or Personal Power to the body, and/or to remove any harmful energy blocks or intrusive energies that may exist in the body.

Shamanic Healing can be experienced in conjunction with medical or psychological treatment, but it is not a substitute for these. If you are receiving medical or psychological treatment, you are encouraged to speak with your Doctor before engaging in Shamanic Healing. As a Spiritual Healing method, the results of Shamanic Healing work cannot be predicted or controlled.

Individual sessions are available both in person and remotely by long distance.

Soul Retrieval

When an individual experiences illness, injury, or emotional trauma, the experience may be too difficult to bear, and a loss of soul essence can occur. Parts of the soul that split off from the body, may be unable to return on their own, leaving vital energies depleted. In some cases this depletion can be extreme. Feelings of persistent bereavement, helplessness, incompleteness, isolation, fragmentation, or un-groundedness are can indicate that soul loss has ocurred.

During the shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval, the Shamanic practitioner journeys into Non-Ordinary Reality to locate these lost soul parts. With the help of her helping spirits, the practitioner is able to recover the lost soul parts and return them to the client’s body.

With the recovery of the missing soul parts, and the practice of compassionate self-care, a return of a sense of safety, trust and compassion towards The Self can result. A sense of personal power, self-determination, and a sense of purpose may also be renewed.

Shamanic Extraction

From the Shamanic perspective, an energy block or intrusion can form in the body when Soul Loss or Power Loss leaves vulnerabilities in the energy field. It is the role of the Shamanic Practitioner to perceive and remove harmful energy blocks or intrusions from the body and energy field.

Heart-Centered Clearing

It is not uncommon for a person who has experienced trauma or soul loss to experience vulnerabilities in their vital energies that allow unseen energies access to that person’s life force.

These intrusive energies can drain one’s energy, and leave them feeling depleted and disconnected. A sense of not being one’s self is a common symptom. Even emotional or addictive problems can occur.

With the greatest compassion, the Shamanic Practitioner is often able to offer loving guidance to these intrusive energies, and assist the recipient to reeclaim their own sovereignty and personal power. This release and transition creates clearing of the recipient’s own energy field, while simultaneously attending to the intrusive energies in a good and helpful way.

Additional care is often needed for the recipient to gain the most benefit from this work.

Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring offers a powerful, tool through which the client learns to work directly with their spirit helpers to resolve questions in their lives.

The role of the Mentor is to teach the client the skill of journeying into non-ordinary reality in order to communicate with their own spirit helpers. The Mentor focuses on teaching the journeying method, and how to craft clear questions and interpret the answers.

After four or five sessions, many clients develop the skills to be able to journey effectively on their own. Clients often prefer to continue sessions with the guidance of a Shamanic Mentor for support. Shamanic Mentoring can be experienced in conjunction with psychological counseling, and can assist in the healing process and personal growth.

The focus of this work is to empower the client to be able to resolve problems in their lives with the help of their own compassionate helping spirits. This work is very helpful as a Self-Care practice following any Shamanic Healing work.

Psychopomp Work - Paranormal Disturbance Assistance & Afterlife Transition Guidance

Many of us have experienced unexplained phenomonon in our lives. These ocurrences are often caused by spirits whose transition into the afterlife was interrupted at the time of death due to trauma on this plane, or because of unfinished business that kept the soul bound to this environment.

These spirits may become caught in earth-bound patterns indefinitely, and need help to progress with their transition. Until they receive this help, they may persist in making their presence known through creating disturbances in the environment. Through Shamanic Psychopomp work, the Practitioner works directly with these souls in non-ordinary reality, to guide them compassionately through the transition process, into the next phase of their journey.

As the dedicated work of Psychopomp directly addresses the needs of Spirits who are in need of assistance, it can be highy effective when general clearing practices, such as smudging, or clearing ceremonies, do not improve environmental symptoms.

Life-Mask Casting and Shamanic Journeying for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Enjoy a magical exploration of your own inner worlds through the deep relaxation of the life-mask casting experience, while layers of plaster gauze are applied to your face under our nurturing care. Or bring a family member or friend, and experience the extra special bonding that can happen when you share this inner journey.

The result will be a wonderful plaster impression mask of your faces to take home with you. Also, the life-mask casting process offers a natural mode for entering deep into the shamanic journeying experience. The experience can be quite profound and transformative.

The Soul Impression Reading invokes our empathic insight to assist you in assimilating the Inner Radiance revealed to you through the wonders of the life-casting process.

Life-Mask Casting and Transfiguration Workshop

During the Life-Casting workshop, we will have both the experience of having a life-mask cast made of our face, as well as casting one for another participant.

With focused introspection we will enter into deep contact with The Self through the casting process. When the casts are complete we will share the experience of looking into ourselves in the way that only life-casting can provide, connecting with our own deepest essence, and experiencing the spiritual essence within.

A schedule of periodic workshops is ongoing in the Asheville, NC area. Please contact us if you are interested in having us bring a workshop to an area near you, or to your particular group.

4-hour workshop                                                         No previous experience required