About Shamanism

Shamanism is an ancient practice that embraces the natural and unseen worlds in a collaborative dance that fosters harmony and balance for all living things.

The practice of Shamanism is available to all who care to learn its tools. The practices can be applied to a host of personal and spiritual works, such as to inform one’s own process and choice-making, or for self-healing and supporting well-being.

Certain individuals are skilled in navigating the Otherworlds on behalf of others who are in need of help. The practitioner of Shamanism can provide Spiritual Healing and information to others.

Traditionally, a Shaman was one who was recognized by their community as an individual who possessed the skill and ability to traverse all the worlds in an altered state of consciousness, and in communion with these unseen forces, work to effect help and healing for their community.

The times that we are in are accentuating the importance of our working in alliance with nature and the mysterious forces of our world. As we enter ever more deeply into the heart of our own natures, our need to live in balance with the worlds around us calls us into deep relationship with all the forces of our world. Through the practice of Shamanism, we build loving relationships with the sentient worlds, where we can work in the service of all living things. In these unseen worlds, we can access information and energies that are not available to us in our ordinary waking state, and find help and healing there for ourselves, our communities, and for the natural world.

This wondrous practice is alive today around the globe. Shamanic communities come together in Circle to work together to explore consciousness and build relationships with the essential energies of our worlds.

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