"As a spiritual seeker I have spent my life practicing, exploring and investigating various techniques, teachers and modalities. Lucky for me I found a profound Shamanic teacher, Gail Gulick, who has taken me into realms, worlds and understandings that have changed my life and dramatically expanded my perspective on reality - thank heaven! Actually, the thanks also go to Gail who is a most profound guide into the mystery of life.

I have been in her Shamanic Circle for ten years, where, with Gail's guidance I have had experiences, openings and revelations that enrich my life like nothing else."

Katherine Dreyer, October 2018

"Gail is an inspiration to me as a teacher, a master at holding space for each person to do/experience/learn what THEY need to learn, giving enough structure but not too much. There can be a dozen people all at different levels in their experience and personal healing and everyone gets what they need at the moment and nobody is left behind. All are encouraged. That is different from teaching the methods and traditions that Gail has learned. I come for the former, not the latter."

Anita Walling, October 2018

"Gail is a kind and gentle positive leader who respects all and has a great sense of humor!! Do yourselves a favor by attending anything she offers as he will be rewarded with insight, community and joy!!!"

K. N., October 2018

"I cannot impress upon you enough how truly happy I am. I am truly happy and at peace for the first time in my life.
You have made this possible in a very direct way. Thank you for making this experience possible."

D. A. R., October 2018

"Thank you so much for the wonderful journeying session last Wednesday. You are such an incredible spirit and it did my heart good to be in the presence of you and all the other beautiful souls drawn to your loving wise energy...Thank you so much for the abundant gifts you all showered on me. I feel I have found home.

Our circle made me feel safe to go deeper. I am so honored to be a part of your sacred space. When I was driving home I reflected that in this amazing environment you have created with such sweet and meaningful intentions, we all truly see one another instantly and deeply. I feel I have known you lifetimes and we only just met. It is so refreshing to connect on this plane. This is the most amazing circle I have ever been a part of."

Lynne Buchanan, December 2017