Virtual Shamanic Journey Circles and Online Community

Dear Ones,

We hope that you have been finding tender comfort in connection with your loved ones and communities, wherever they may be. We too long to stay connected with our wonderful Circle of folks, and are bringing our gatherings into an online format through this time of social isolation.

Every Weds eve, from 6:30 - 9pm, we will continue to gather as usual, only this circle will be held in virtual reality, The plan is to keep Circle in place with the same dedication and consistency that we have offered throughout the last fourteen years. We will do so virtually, for as long as needed. Dean will join us with his soothing and transcendent drumming. We will offer one or two journeys each Circle, and connect in a post journey discussion. The March 25th Circle, we will be getting our footing, and I will lead us in the process of Celtic journeying so that folks new to journeying will also be able to join in.

Please email me at for weekly links to join us in Circle.

The Razor by Gail Gulick

There is an edge
where all things crumble
A silver strand
of waking peace.
We walk this razor
to relinquish
those errant cords
of false embrace

Those pompous claims
who split our substance,
Those clutching voices
of distant days,
Those staunch positions
who trap our essence,
Those nagging worries
who keep us prey,

We leave these all
to molder sickly
releasing Self
through sweet decay.
We come to know
our own deft urgings
and drink the balm
of love's bouquet.

I cannot hold
where glamours bind
our thoughts with pride.
I can but hold
this mirror gently
that we may glimpse
what burns inside.

My shamanic journey circles reflect my dedication to the path of "The Great Unknowing", a process of unfolding given to me by my Spirits, a path of profound mystical development. Through Shamanic practice coupled with increasingly refined intent, we can learn to relinquish our perceptual positions, agendas, belief systems, and strivings. We learn to truly nourish the core of our being, and we open to the pure potential of Spirit to act in our lives.

As we call upon our Helping Spirits to guide us, we enter into a world where ordinary rules cease to bind us, and where we can find freedom from precepts that have constrained us previously in our lives. As we explore our own natures as sovereign beings of Spirit, we become increasingly able to claim the birthright of our own sacred gifts, and to create our world anew, with the light of Spirit as our guide.

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